_MG_7575I’m Julie Olson, owner and artist of Tiny House Textiles.

I’ve always been an artist and drawn to playing with color, so when I began my baby wearing journey with the birth of my son in 2013, it’s no surprise that I soon began dyeing all of my baby carriers. When I ran out of my own carriers to dye, a logical next step was dyeing other people’s carriers. And just like that, Tiny House Textiles was born.

The bulk of my work is custom dyeing baby carriers. I work closely with each customer to understand their vision. I view myself as a conduit that channels a customer’s vision into a reality, and there is nothing more satisfying to me than a customer telling me that it was like I read their mind. As a babywearer myself, I know that the value of a carrier goes far beyond its market value; each owner has a sentimental attachment to their carrier, so I approach each project with reverence. After two years of custom dyeing carriers, the honor of each customer’s trust still deeply touches me.

I work out of my studio in my home in beautiful central Maine. I share my life with my wonderful husband and young son and treasured family and friends. I like to think that all of this influences my work, and I hope that you feel the love and commitment I put into all of my pieces.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you have. As I often say to my customers, each project is a process, and I’m here when you need me.

~ Julie

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Winner of the Art of Babywearing award