Didymos Natural Hemp Pfau, dyed solid blue and then with a spiky low water immersion

Originally the plan for this Didymos Natural Hemp Pfau (NHP), cotton/hemp blend, was to dye it solid blue. Once I dyed it, however, large patchy areas of resists became evident on the fabric. Resists are any substance on the fabric that prevents the fabric from absorbing dye. In some dye techniques, this can be used to fabulous effect; batik uses resists to create beautiful patterns. Unfortunately, resists also happen accidentally- sunscreen, moisturizers, baby spit up, body oil, fabric softeners, and many other common substances that wraps are exposed to through regular use. Resists can also be created during the manufacturing process- threads are coated to glide more easily and keep the fabric smooth and flat.

In the case of this well-loved wrap, I would guess that the resist accumulated during a laundry or regular use process. The areas only became visible once the wrap was dyed, so we altered the plan and did a lovely spiky low water immersion over the existing blue dye, creating a rich, deep, textured dye look. It might not have been in the original plan, but I sure think it turned out beautiful!


This is a custom-dyed wrap; the customer provides the wrap of their choice and we work together to create a vision for a one-of-a-kind dyed project. If you are interested in learning more about having your wrap custom dyed, please check out my Custom Color page, the FAQ, or contact me. You can also browse my Etsy shop for custom dye listings and one-of-a-kind hand-dyed items. For additional information, photos, and general chatter, follow me on Facebook and Instagram.


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